Fatale on Comic Book Weekly


This is almost a dream concept for me. A noir detective series with elements of either time travel or immortality, this could almost be written for me.

Ed Brubaker
There is something in this series that obviously appeals to me immediately. Raised on Chandler and Hammett I always worried about the ability of comics to handle the stories. My experience of them felt like a pastiche and certainly not true to the genre. This nails it. Tough and hard edged without spilling over into comedy with a storyline that has the potential to be staggering. 
Fatale Comic
At the moment I am only a couple of episodes in but am desperate to know where it is going. It has already served up twists and turns that have so much potential and characters I already care about. Is all Brubaker's work this good? I ask because it has blown my mind and being so early in the series, this is a brilliant entry to the comic book world these days. Cannot recommend highly enough.