I Am Fire by Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith comics

Following the success of Rachael Smith's first comic, The Way We Write, it is a pleasure to review her second work, I Am Fire.  

As you know, I have had a 15 year sabbatical from comics.  One development in my absence that has genuinely impressed me in that time is the rise of British comics, especially independent comic books. If they existed before I wasn't able to find them and certainly didn't have access to them in the pre Internet Watford.  

I am always a sucker for a comic that oozes charms and wit and Rachael's work certainly does that.  Set in an English suburban town it will ring bells with anyone who spent their teenage years in the provinces and Rachel's work captures the tone and wit of the age perfectly.  

Revolving around Jenny, a school girl on work experience, and Chris, a young pyromaniac, you are hit by both the style of writing as well as the art work.  It is a genuine joy to read and for my money, an author that is well worth keeping an eye on.  

How to buy I Am Fire

Rachael has an Etsy page where you can buy the comic direct. 

Personally I am always thrilled when authors cut out the middle man and you can purchase direct.  I am always happier when all the profits go to the person who put the effort in and if you are like me, you will agree that Rachael Smith deserves all the recognition possible for her efforts.  

A strong new voice in British comics, Rachael Smith's I Am Fire is a must.