Thor: God of Thunder

Buy one Thor get two free

After 15 years away from comics, the greatest joy in returning to the neighbourhood is having series after series to catch up on.  I have been able to blitz an entire story arc in an entire weekend, finding new worlds to get involved in and new characters to find out more about.  

The problem I have with Thor: God of Thunder is I am having to wait for each new episode like a chump.  How do people do this?  With a story as epic as this, I honestly don't know how people survive. 

Storytelling as mythology

Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic have created a world and characters which seem to have existed for eternity.  When you read them for the first time it strikes a long forgotten chord and you start to believe you have lived with these players all your life.  In Gorr you have a nemesis for author truly worthy of the name and a destructive streak that not just matches Thor but beats him down time after time.  

With 10 episodes through, the final chapter in issue 11 is a genuine must and you still have time to catch up. I cannot recommend this highly enough - the artwork, the story, the characters, it is my pick of the year and has left me exhilarated to the possibilities of Thor's universe. A truly staggering work.